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In a late study, Philadelphia 2013: State of the City, there has been a projected increase in 20-34 year olds to where 37.5 percent of them are working on degrees and have bachelor's degrees or higher. That same commentary reports that Philadelphia is now benefiting from a national trend of the movement of young professionals into cities. WGTC, LLC represents this movement. Willians Global Trade Concierge,LLC was established to bring a fresh, new export management and consulting company to the Philadelphia export community. Recently restructured to accomodate the Independent Artist, Music Production, and Performance Client, however WGTC, LLC is focused on catering to a client market with more broader, individual needs that may not be addressed by its local competitors.


          WGTC, LLC offers export management services and programs at great prices among competition, while striving to meet all clients deadlines.


So build international relationships or tell a friend or a colleague what we can offer them. WGTC, LLC is a great outsource for those new to operating export operations, or maybe you and your company are too busy with other business activities and don't want the responsibility.

Not a problem! No matter what industrial sector your manufacturer or company represents, or commodity you specialize in reproducing, WGTC, LLC has the resources, programs, and services that will accommodate. Approach each of WGTC's programs or services and select an option that works best for what you need to accomplish.

Supporting Our Veterans

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Willians Global Trade Concierge, LLC is an veteran owned business, which in stride means that the company is familiar with the values and tradition of those who have served.

To show the company's courtesy, we strongly recommend veterans to apply for employment with WGTC, LLC and to take full advantage of our programs and services.



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