Willians Global Trade Concierge, LLC: Vision

WGTC, LLC vision is to empower clients with educational tools and resources for their global endeavors.

Willians Global Trade Concierge, LLC: Mission

WGTC, LLC is a business management and consulting company established to represent client's exporting, limited importing, business solutions, project management, site support, warehouse support, and international relations activities as if they were WGTC's own. Recently restructured to focus on the demand of COVID 19 solutions and overseas government interests and the local health industry professionals. WGTC, LLC strives to contribute to the consistency of Philadelphia's export participation with in global markets worldwide. WGTC, LLC builds relationships with its partners in the export community by contribution and with its clients by specially catering to their individual needs. Partners and clients benefit with rewards of business growth and financial profitability. WGTC, LLC operates as a significant impact on the recovery of the U.S. economy, the Small and Medium Business community, Federal and Government community, Industrial sectors, and its consumers .

Willians Global Trade Concierge, LLC: Values

Fulfillment of Duty- It is WGTC's obligation to follow thru completely on all account management tasks, and business agreements in a timely fashion. However, WGTC, LLC does not make promises that the company cannot keep and conducts business honestly. Obligations will be met without limiting the company's job performance or showing lack for client's interest. WGTC, LLC makes sure that the company informs any potential drawbacks or possible risks of a situation.


WGTC's Respect- regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, national background, or creed, WGTC, LLC will respect all entities by providing services without discrimination. WGTC, LLC will NOT practice or promote such acts of physical, verbal, and/ or written offenses publicly.

Selfless Customer Service- WGTC, LLC strives to put clients, partners, and neighboring entities needs first. WGTC, LLC agents will be committed to performing at levels that are NOT conducted for personal gain, rewards, and or interests. Striving to do our best and a bit extra is the company's way of exceeding your expectations. 

WGTC's Integrity- WGTC's practices include upholding and following all local, state, and U.S. laws and regulations in reference to conducting business. WGTC, LLC believes in doing what is right without performing any acts of manipulation. WGTC's only focus is to show loyalty and to build relationships while protecting your intellectual property and privacy.  


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