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WGTC, LLC offers export support, business management and consultant services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Business Management Services

Let an WGTC, LLC manager put a plan together for your goods and/or services at local events, site support locations, warehouse support locations, transportation support locations, trade missions, and thru out the government community. A WGTC, LLC manager will help your firms potential for overseas buyers, investors, and trade representatives on your commodities. You provide us with your product or services details along with its introductory background and we will manage that project whether big or small along with the guidelines of our agreement thru out the industry community. Let the public know what makes your commodity hot in its current market.

Project Management Services


Feeling new to the world of expansion and the industry differences of other competitors? And are you not sure of which services or solutions will work best for you. A WGTC, LLC manager will research and equip resources to help form a successful project plan that will include matching your business problems with the most available resources according to your budget. You are not only given a project plan, you are given several options to select from that you feel fits the best for you and your goals. WGTC, LLC's job is to help create an project plan for your success and competitiveness. WGTC, LLC takes you into consideration in reference to short effective turn around periods for your final project deadline and offering great competitive account positioning.

Export Agent Representation Program


So you have decided to take up a business growth opportunity. You have selected to choose the avenue of exporting. You want to be more competitive locally, give your employees new financial and developmental opportunities, provide an extra financial blanket for your business structure, and increase financial gains. Not sure where to start. Well the WGTC, LLC's export agent program offers a trade agent with the knowledge, connections, and resources that will help open doors to your exporting endeavor.

A WGTC, LLC trade agent handles and smooths the process of your export operations. This program structure includes setting up your marketing plans, a marketing strategy, setting a competitive price for your commodity, establishing business relationships with appropriate overseas buyers, L/C & important documentation, shipping with WGTC, LLC's logistics partners, and you getting paid! Your business can be receiving its first international payment within a timeframe of 3 to 6 months.

Small to medium size businesses have been reported to have contributed to more then 75% of the U.S. exporting volumes. WGTC, LLC is very aware of the doubts that are associated with potential risk and unexpected costs. And you are not alone. The Government promotes all legal exporting activities and have provided local government and financial assistance to help support and protect you. Want to learn more, contact WGTC, LLC for a free consultation with a trade agent.

Music Services Program


Music is changing and growing world wide.
Independent Music is definitely changing and growing world wide. Along with change and growth comes different innovative strategies and resources. Different markets provide important tools and solutions towards the problem solving of missions and goals of other markets. WGTC, LLC supports connecting these markets with the Independent U.S music market. The U.S. is saturated with entertainment professionals that are equipped with these tools and solutions that would benefit the goals of overseas markets for any genre. This includes both short term and long term independent music ROI opportunities.

Bring WGTC, LLC your problems, goals, and missions and we help bring solutions and tools !

Least Developed Market Member Program


Part of WGTC, LLC's mission is to be a participant in the revitalization of Least Developed Markets which includes working with multinational development partners. WGTC, LLC's participation will not only help Least Developed Markets, but the business growth and balance for the local U.S. economy. WGTC, LLC's participation will provide more job and educational opportunities domestically. WGTC, LLC has developed a program that recruits domestic help and global firms who are equipped with resources ready to be unleashed into new markets. Now your company will have a new avenue that will help increase revenue volumes.

Free Consultations


All consultations are free. Contact WGTC, LLC and speak with a trade agent to schedule you for an appointment. Consultations can be done either over the phone, at your place of business, or at a public place of agreement.

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